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  • Celeste Auger Munshi

What is your travel risk tolerance?

Everyone has a different risk tolerance for travel. In life, measure everything by a risk/reward comparison. By doing this analysis, you not only take into consideration your feelings and wants, you use critical thinking and facts to conclude what might be best in that circumstance. Your physician does this with medicines they might want you to take, your financial planner offers options with your investments according to your risk profile. It's no different with deciding if to travel. Before the pandemic, it was more a consideration of State Department threat levels. Now, our world has changed, and it's one virus that has the world totally upside down.

Are there actually people traveling right now, you ask? And if so, where could they possibly be going? The answer is yes, there is. And I am referencing leisure travel here, not the holiday travel that just occurred. While my personal risk travel tolerance is low, many of my colleagues in the travel industry have a higher risk tolerance and have been out there where they can, even today.

Most of the world is partially restricted to those possessing a US passport. Costa Rica and Mexico are in. Some Caribbean islands are open if you jump through the proper hoops. Chartering yachts and home rentals (which I have access to) are popular. I even had a group of my colleagues travel to Uganda & South Africa in November to hike in the woods viewing gorillas and had themselves an amazing safari! I admire them and followed their every step on social media, however; I was very comfortable to be home!

I've put together an infographic outlining my thoughts on travel risk tolerance. I am thinking here in general terms. Wherever you are on the list, it should provide some assurance for you and give you some ideas about what you CAN do regarding travel. Doing some deep pre-planning on your bucket list is never a bad idea!

Whichever risk profile you identify with, it's all good. The beauty of it is, we are all different. I'm glad we don't have to live in a world of plain vanilla everything all the time. I'm happy to work with you on your travel plan or to consult on a particular trip. I remain at your service, always! Be well!

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