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FAQ + Policies

Get All Your Questions Answered

  • What does a travel advisor do and why should I hire an advisor when I can book everything online myself?
    Simply said, travel advisors are professional travel consultants with the resources, connections and expertise to add value to your travel plans. We know our industry and match our clients to the best options that will fulfill their travel desires. We enhance travel itineraries with added amenities, experiences, and touches that you can’t get when you book online. We advocate for our clients before, during and after their travels. Often, what we recommend is outside the box with opportunities you didn’t even know existed. Working with a professional will make all the difference in the outcome of your vacation investment. You will want to work with a travel advisor who has expertise in a specialty or niche and has the deep industry connections where you will benefit of those relationships. The clients that hire us understand that we take the burden of time, planning, pricing and scheduling away from the vacation process. We have clout and we’re not afraid to use it.
  • When should I not book with a travel advisor?
    We come across this often. You can always ask if you are unsure, but there are some instances when you are better off making plans yourself. If you can’t let go of control. If you are the type of person who must orchestrate every piece of your vacation, or if you love spending all your time planning and organizing every minute detail, then working with a travel advisor probably isn’t for you. Our highest use is taking the stress of planning and booking off your shoulders so you can just enjoy the best vacation ever. Domestic Air Only. Booking domestic air online is simple these days. Airlines do not pay commissions on domestic air, there's no business case for us to book air.. We can do it for you, but we will charge an air-booking fee to handle this for you. If you are interested in the cheapest or the lowest cost everything–We don’t do cheap. You get what you pay for and that goes for traveling too. What we know you will receive is a trip planned for you that is within your budget and includes added value. We don’t do ordinary either. If you’re ok with average — and you see no value in curated experiences, then you don’t need us. We personalize and customize your vacation to your liking. Your time is valuable. There’s so much living to do sometimes we need to offload the tough tasks to a professional. If you love to feel valued, special and enjoy VIP treatment with added amenities and upgrades when possible, then average just won’t do and you need us!
  • Travel insurance, should we or shouldn’t we?"
    Life happens. Things happen. It’s always better to be safe than sorry as the adage goes. As unpredictable as life is, cancellations happen; they sometimes delay trips because of weather, mechanical disruptions, strikes, and unrest. Luggage gets lost or delayed and people get sick or injured. Protect yourself by protecting your health, safety and investment. We do the very best to plan your trip with precision hedging any issues that could arise during your travel time but much of this is out of your control and our control. Know what coverages your health insurance offers domestically and especially internationally. You may think you have travel insurance through a credit card but look over that fine print. It’s likely not as comprehensive as what is coverage you should carry. Don’t just assume that carrying a credit card with a nice limit is enough to cover emergency medical treatment. Some countries only take cash and some emergencies, like life flights and evacuations are so costly they will put your retirement savings at risk. Why chance that? Protect yourself and your investment. We feel so strongly about all our clients having this security blanket that we’ll have you sign a waiver form if you decline travel insurance.
  • When do I get my travel documents?
    We process documents 30 days prior to your departure date. We will present everything you need with plenty of time to review them with you. We are always available to answer questions you may have. Most trips these days have electronic documents but we will give you paper copies and a lovely itinerary that you’ll be able to hold as a keepsake long after your trip ends.
  • What if we want to extend our stay or arrive a few days ahead of our cruise or tour?
    You came to the right place. We have options up our sleeves, including amazing boutique hotels and customized tours according to your interests and likes. We have pre and post options in all destinations to present that fit your needs!
  • How do I get from the airport to the ship?
    We arrange that in advance for you. We will have folks on the ground outside of the arrivals terminal waiting for you with a sign. Depending on the arrangements we make for you, sometimes it’s included and sometimes it’s not part of the vacation package. We will arrange safe and seamless transfers for you throughout your travels, even from home if you desire!
  • What cruise lines do you work with?
    Our goal is to get to know you, know your travel style and offer an experience that exceeds your expectations. We have a varied and extensive selection of ocean and river cruise lines that have outstanding reputations and exemplary service standards. We work with over 30 companies, some familiar to you and some unfamiliar. Our partners are a big part of your travel story; we only work with the best.
  • I’ve heard rivers in Europe sometimes are too low or too high to sail?  What happens then?
    Weather happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. Water levels vary for a variety of reasons, too much snowfall, too little rain, and temps that are too warm. They build the ships for the rivers they sail on, meaning the drafts are low and the height of the ship is low enough to maneuver under bridges. When the water is too low or too high, this can impact a sailing. They monitor water levels on the hour by operations teams that report to each cruise line. The cruise line makes the ultimate decision with the safety of the passengers foremost in mind. These situations rarely happen, but if they do the cruise lines always have a Plan B. We will be on top of the situation and inform you throughout. Often passengers will be transferred by motor coach to the next port of call. You’ll likely board a sister ship where your sailing will continue. The crew will move your luggage, no need to worry. Life is an adventure and so is traveling on the water!
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