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Inspiring Itineraries


 Columbia & Snake River Cruise 



  • Breathtaking landscapes from desert plains to gorges, mountain forests and waterfalls.

  • Diverse ecosystems and abundant wildlife

  • Ideal viewing locations from balconies, sun decks and the banks of the rivers.

  • Unique onshore experiences:  museums, state parks, historical homes, and winery visits.

  • On board experts including a Riverlorian that will bring history to life.

  • Performers who weave in the heritage and culture of the region.

  • Regionally inspired locally sourced cuisine.

Sample Itinerary
Train LondonVenice

 Train from London to Venice 

+ 7 Night Adriatic & Greece Voyage 
  • ​London: Enjoy two full days in the city to embrace the history, culture and cosmopolitan flair of England’s timeless capital.

  • Historic Railway: Board the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express for an inspiring journey across Europe that includes a fabulous overnight stay on this exquisitely
    elegant train.

  • Superb Accommodations: Enjoy a private cabin and a personal steward to
    see to all your needs.

  • Foodie Experiences: Savor a Bellini brunch; a delicious three-course lunch; and a decadent four-course dinner, paired with superb wine – all while gliding along the rails.

  • Panoramic Europe: While enjoying the comforts of the golden age of travel, soak up panoramas as you cross Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany and France.

  • Venice: Disembark the train in Italy’s most breathtaking city and explore independently

  • 7 Night Adriatic & Greece luxury small ship cruise

  • Athens:  Explore this ancient city with a 2-night stay diving deep into all things Greek!


About Venice Simplon-Orient Express


The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is the more storied set of carriages in the world, inviting you to cross Europe with a grace that harkens back to the golden age of rail travel. From the landmarks of London to the canals of Venice, you will journey in grand style with rich woodwork, sumptuous upholstery and antique fixtures making for a divine Art Deco ambiance. Gourmet cuisine and impeccable service further add to the experience as you cross through Austria, Germany and France soaking up sweeping panoramas the entire way. Enjoy a taste of the good life and a wonderful trip back in time.

Sample Itinerary
Croatia, Montenegro, and Greece


Arrive early in Venice to drink in as much of this romantic, scenic city as you can before we set sail on an immersive voyage along the Adriatic coast and around the Greek Isles.


In Sibenik, Croatia, a major wine-producing region, enjoy a local red babic and pair it with freshly caught Adriatic seafood. One of Europe’s best-preserved medieval cities, Kotor, Montenegro, is our next destination, where a dry white Krstac wine pairs perfectly with exploring a maze of cobblestone streets. Then it is on to the Greek Island of Corfu, home to turquoise blue waters and gorgeous sandy beaches. Savor every second of an island sunset and treat yourself to a nightcap, thanks to a late stay in port.


Katakolon is next on the itinerary, and for good reason—the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Olympia is just a 40-minute drive from port. Escape to the gem of the Aegean, Santorini. We stay late again here, so take your time strolling the bustling streets and volcanic beaches before finishing your day with a glass of Vinsanto (a sweet, strong dessert wine).


Mykonos is your next stop, with its whitewashed houses, breathtaking blue harbor, and vibrant nightlife. Your journey concludes in the cradle of European civilization—Athens. You will have one more chance to drink in the spellbinding beauty of Greece and give one last shout of “Opa!” before you depart.

Voyage Itinerary

 Segments & World Cruises 

Just imagine…
  • Embarking on a leisurely, extended voyage with a heart full of anticipation and wonder

  • Relishing the many moments, the view outside your window changes

  • Settling into your cozy new home for a month or three with a routine you freely create

  • Becoming one with the cultures by experiencing them up close and personal

Cruises date back to the Golden Age of steam ships when stylish, well-to-do passengers circumnavigated the globe in the time-honored tradition. On board these days, you will find younger travelers, that can work remotely as well as those passengers with more time on their hands.  These itineraries invite those to see more with much less effort than taking multiple, individual trips.  The best benefit, in our view, is the value World Cruises and segments offer.


World Cruise amenities are generous and give travelers the satisfaction of packaging all their needs into one bundle.  Add on top of that Virtuoso amenities and it is a win-win for those who yearn for more time on the sea and longer stays in ports. There are a multitude of itinerary options, and we recommend booking these journeys more than a year before sailing date. While you leave the ship navigation to the Captain, let us assist in navigating just the right length for your journey as well as the perfect ship for your indulgent voyage!  Here is a sample of a well-rounded 71 Day Grand Voyage itinerary departing and returning from a US port.

Red roofs of Eden Island, aerial view of
Iceland Expedition

 Iceland Expedition 

Iceland Circumnavigation

Land of fire and ice. A Viking stronghold.  A modern country on an ancient island.  It has culture, wildlife, water wonders and such dramatic beauty, it will change the way you look at the world.  Air travel time from the Northeast US is 5.5 hours.


  • You will witness firsthand this global hotspot for culture

  • Reykjavik is considered the cleanest and greenest city in the world!

  • Sail North of the Arctic Circle by visiting Grimsey

  • The world’s newest island, Surtsey, was formed by a volcano in 1963!

  • Landscapes beyond imagining, explore by hiking, explore the coastline
    in Zodiacs, walk on black sand beaches that are nuzzled against
    rugged coastlines.

  • Be in awe at the windswept volcanoes, secret hot springs hidden in misty valleys while majestic waterfalls cascade from every hill.

  • You will see fjords, sea stacks, bird cliffs, lava fields, glaciers and caves!

  • Benefit from traveling with local guides, knowledge-keepers, wildlife experts, naturalist, and researchers.  You will be engaged and educated about the wild places and wild species of Iceland.

  • There is a chance to see the Northern Lights if you visit during the late fall.

Sample Itinerary