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My promise is that I’ll use the expertise I’ve gained to save you time, eliminating the stress that comes with a meticulously planned vacation.

You’ll relish the end result of a seamless, truly indulgent journey that will bring you lifelong memories, enriching experiences and maybe something in your heart will blossom just a little fuller.

Meet Celeste Auger Munshi

 Your Expert Travel Designer

I’m the owner and founder of Indulgent Voyages.  Most of us travel aficionados, have a serious case of wanderlust.  My wanderlust is attributed to my Dad, Gilles.  As a little girl, I used to be awed by all his stories about studying in France, his travels in Europe & Alaska but most of all, from his life changing voyage across the pond on the Queen Mary.  There was some deep connection there in my heart that was bound to blossom during my own life’s journey. 


I spent 25 years working my way up in the Credit Union Industry on the east and west coasts.  My innate gifts of customer service excellence, planning & organization and mastering challenging positions laid the foundation for what was to serve me later on.  I found myself traveling more and more through the years, but the place where I feel authentically myself is on the water.  Big ship, little boat, steamship, paddle wheeler, river cruise ship, you name it, that’s my happy place.  My second career was born after I attended travel school, spent a few years at a tech start-up, and met some great travel industry mentors that encouraged me towards this entrepreneurial journey of Indulgent Voyages.

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Let me help you do it right.


Through personalized touches to your vacations that you’ve been waiting for.


Through the perfect match of a river cruise line, you’ll know exactly the next meandering river you’ll glide on.


Through boutique hotels so full of charm and that you’ll swear you’re in heaven.


Through insightful tour guides that know all the best places and that private driver you feel like you’ve known for years. 


I invite you to connect with me, I obsess about the latest spots around the world every day, cutting through the noise of what you’ll find online.  Let me make a difference in your precious travel plans, after all it’s about that vacation you finally deserve. 



Your trusted travel advisor,


Let’s Plan

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