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Group Trips

 Partner with us to grow your business! 

Each solid partnership we build in our businesses is mutually beneficial, why can’t traveling also be the same?   Are you leaving money on the table by looking past this opportunity that found you?  Contact us today to for an initial call to explore the possibilities of including this revenue model in your small business.  We look forward to speaking with you!

Finding additional revenue streams can be a challenge in your business model. There is a trend in the business world which includes travel that you really should consider.  It works side by side with an ever-increasing travel trend of group affinity trips.  Indulgent Voyages will partner with your business where you can host these affinity group trips sharing your passion for food, wine, art and more with your very own patrons. 

Ideal for: Vineyards, Wineries, Restaurants, Dance Clubs, Garden Clubs, Yacht Clubs, Golf Clubs, Social Clubs and Groups. Also great for fundraisers!

​We do all the planning, there is very little you must do, you travel at little to no cost, and get to enjoy the added benefits we have outlined below. 


  • Creates an added revenue stream to your operations

  • Build brand loyalty and raving fans right from your existing customer base

  • Be a trend setter and stand out in your industry

  • We do all the planning and handle the many details for you so you can run your business

  • Enjoy the added amenities and benefits by traveling with the group as the business owner

  • Create buzz with social events that highlight the opportunity for your customers to travel with you, increasing sales at the same time.

  • Build on the success of trips annually


Ready to get started?

Let’s explore on a complimentary consultation call

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