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How do you work with a Travel Advisor?

There are basically 4 steps if you'd like to work with me to plan a trip. Using my knowledge, extensive connections with suppliers and what I've learned about your wants, needs and goals for the trip, I get to planning! Depending on the supplier I use, I get a portion returned to me in the form of a commission after you travel. Yes, after you travel. If you are planning a trip in 2022, I won't see that money until after you're safely home and it really doesn't compensate me fully for my time. It's really a thank you from the supplier for using them and you wouldn't pay anymore if you hadn't used me to book your travel. That is a misconception that your travel costs more. Like many professional advisors, I charge a planning fee to cover the time it takes to plan your vacation and the access to my preferred supplier partners. This depends on the complexity of the trip, what you need me to book, and many other factors. If you're curious and have a trip in mind, you can always ask me for an estimate. 4 Steps to Planning #1 Complimentary Planning Call We get to know each other on a complimentary planning call. We want to learn about your travel style along with important details like your budget, size of group, and preferred travel dates. Once we decide to work together, you’ll take care of the planning fee then I’ll get started planning. #2 Taking the Work Out of Planning This is where I take the work out of travel. I’ll design one to two suggested itineraries for you based on my extensive research and expertise. I’ll refine the itinerary you choose until it’s perfect. Don't forget the all important Travel Insurance which I'll give a quote for. You’ll receive detailed, enticing, electronic itineraries that will restore the joy & exhilaration to the trip process. #3 Booking the Arrangements/Trip Prep I’ll make all the arrangements; you have all the fun. From booking flights, cruises, transfers, tours and hotels, to sprinkling in some extra special touches that add up to a truly memorable escape, I will make it seamless for you. I’ll be in touch between this phase and travel time with reading recommendations, destination information and preparation tips. #4 Support Before, During and After Unparalleled support means I'm there for you every step of the journey - even after the plane takes off. Contact me any time for travel assistance; I am your travel advocate for truly worry-free travel. I’ll make sure everything goes smoothly, so all you have to do is savor the experience. Benefits of Working with a TA You Save Time and Money Did you know that on the average people visit at least 38 different websites and spend 40 hours planning their vacations? It can be very time-consuming when you don't know where to start or what information to trust (especially these days). My suppliers are vetted and the quality of your experience will likely be much better than what you can find on your own. Indulge in the VIP Treatment Because of my industry connections and the fact I am a Virtuoso Advisor, you can get extra perks like room upgrades, on-board cruise credits, early check-in, late check-out, spa credits, free breakfast and on and on. Never underestimate a good hotelier relationship. I can pull strings if I need to. Work with a Trusted Expert Travel Advisors are experts. I've been doing this for over 7 years and this is my life. I am very in tuned to the current events, geography, cultures and I learn continually. If there's an issue while you travel, I can help you sort it out. I have experience with this in-flight delays, cancellation, people having to cancel trips due to illness, etc, etc. And I have a great host agency behind me if there's a situation that arises that I need escalated, so behind the trip there's more expertise than simply mine. Enjoy Peace of Mind There's nothing like working with someone that has your best interest in mind and leaving things to a trusted advisor. I consider this a partnership where we both work to create an amazing travel experience that you'll cherish the memories for years and years. We don't use off-the-shelf trips. We customize according to your needs and wants. Information Overload is Eliminated Have you ever started looking into the idea for a trip and you just get overwhelmed with the 10,000 options you find on the internet? This also can suck up a lot of time. Do you really know what you're getting when you purchase a Basic Economy seat which is the cheapest? Do you know that the hotel you're booking might have good reviews but there's one with perks you can get a few doors down? Can you pick a cabin location on that cruise ship where you won't hear them move the chairs over you at night or be across from an elevator? You can say goodbye to this overload and overwhelm. I still encourage research and reading about your destination before your trip. In closing, you work hard for your money and your time is precious, secure my services for your next travel investment.

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