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We don’t just plan vacations.

We personalize journeys that become part of your story.

Introducing: Enriching land and water holidays, tailored Just to You
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  • Lounging in comfy chairs with your beloved on the top deck of a river cruise ship, as the soft breeze gently blows through the passing vineyards.

  • Your guide is steadying you on the frozen shore as you disembark your zodiac, you’re about to meet the curious and fearless penguins & seals in their natural habitat.

  • Retiring to your private roof-top cabana on a warm, crystal clear night, so you can fall asleep under the sparkling star-studded night sky floating gently on the deep blue waters.

  • Gently opening your eyes as you rise, refreshed, hearing the muted sounds of a Hindu priest chanting his morning prayers from the temple on the riverbank and the sweet scent of incense wafting through your cabin window.

We explore your desires and interests...

Focusing your itinerary on what will make indelible memories worth cherishing.


Our relationships around the world will change the way you travel.  Indulgent Voyages is a boutique travel design company, specializing in yacht, small ship, larger ship, expedition, barge and exotic cruise travel.   Experience what a seamless, effortless, soul-stirring vacation feels like as we take care of each and every detail.

Custom vacations where ordinary is not an option.

7 Tips to...

Add More Joy to

Your Cruise Vacation

The best travel advisors have some tried and true tips that enhance their clients' cruise vacations. 


Learn my top 7 that make my clients' cruise vacations joyful each and every time! 

Logo Indulgent -Revised.png

It’s time to...

Indulge Yourself

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